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Marilyn A. Hudson is a library professional with experience in public school, public library and academic settings.

She has taught American history, government, storytelling, and information literacy. Additionally, she has served as consultant to libraries on customer service, general operations, and children's services. She had assisted several groups in the assessment, mission strategy and re-invention process.

As an author and researcher she loves turning over history to see the story long hidden by time, ego, and reputations. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma with degrees in history, library and information studies, she collects arcane tales and has been dubbed the “genie of bizarre history” for her knack of ferreting out the more unusual tidbits of tantalizing historical tales.  

She often shares these tales with audiences in storytelling concerts or historic presentations. She has led historic tours - often in costume - of buildings and locations sharing their stories and significance.

Hudson is author of several historical monographs including When Death Rode the Rails, Tales of Hell’s Half Acre, Halloween, and Murderous Marriages.

 Her fictional work includes the short story collection The Bones of Summer, short fiction such as the Madame Delaine series, and is co-author of novel The Mound.

Her recent publications include Stories Center Stage, The Sword of Anath, and the upcoming novel Foul Harvest and a true crime collection, Into Oblivion.

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