Short Story Collections:
The Bones of Summer (2010)

Elephant Hips are Expensive (2005; reissued 2015)
Annie Oklahoma (2016)* 

The Mound (2011)
Madame Delaine: case of the daring girl detective (2012) - being reissued
The Sword of Anath (2015)
Foul Harvest (2017)*

Historical /Monographs:
Tales of Hell's Half Acre (2010; reprint 2013)
When Death Rode the Rails
Noel Brooks: A Life Shining and Burning (2011)
One Nightclub and a mule barn (Tate, 2006)
Murderous Marriages (2013)
Tell Me Another One!: History of Storytelling in 20th C. Oklahoma (2014)
Into Oblivion: Murders, Missing Persons and Mysteries (2016)* 

Those Pesky Verses of Paul (2011 rev of 2005)
In Her Own Words, the inspirational poetry of Velma Terry (2010), compiled and edited
Mosaic: Papers in Honor of Noel Brooks (2012) Contributed and edited

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